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're behind iraq and north korea. so americans like to congratulate themselves all the time on we're number one on all these things. we're just not. you know, we're not doing very well on infant mortality, we're not doing very well on maternal mortality. obviously, we've talked so much about things like obesity and good health. but in terms of women leading, we really are not doing anywhere near as well as we should be doing. and we shouldn't be doing it not because it's fair or egalitarian. i mean, that was our early argument. we should have women in high places because that's a fairness principle. well, i believe in the fairness principle, but i also believe in pragmatism. if everything worked in america, if law firms were chugging along really well and hospitals were running like clockwork and congress was really doing a bang-up job, i would say, well, you know, things are pretty good. we need women in leadership positions because nobody is leading as well as they should be. and if we're ignoring a big chunk of the population, maybe that accounts for why the leadership is not as good as
madison and the war of 1812 to george w. bush and iraq. one of the centers of this book is abraham lincoln and the civil war. the thing about lincoln is that the experience of america during those years in the largeness of the man, you know, you almost might think is there anything further to be said about abraham lincoln. there always is. both because of the lessons we can take away from his life experience and his presidency, and also because new sources still turn up from time to time. coming to a place like this, as a historian, you are trying to repeat and give a real sense of what the president's experience was. in this case, abraham lincoln and the civil war. because you can come here to this house, where he spent so much time as a president, you can go into the room where he woke up in the morning. can see the sights he saw while looking outside. you can hear a lot of this sounds that are very similar to what he would've heard at the time. this is my favorite room in the house. which is the library. for a couple of reasons. one is that you really get a sense, perhaps more than some
Search Results 0 to 4 of about 5 (some duplicates have been removed)